JEM uses latest technology to filter water to produce deionized water

CATEGORY-HEADER_Waterfed-Pole-Cleaning_SLIDE-3What does this mean for you?

Widely used all around Europe and all over the west coast, the water fed pole system is new to JEM Window Cleaning. DI Water Pole cleans without chemicals.  The water is absolutely pure and mineral free providing incredible cleaning action, keeping windows clean longer leaving no soap residue, squeegee streaks, or towel marks on the surface.

How the HydroTube works

The tap water is put through a four stage filtration system starting that removes nearly 100% of all elements, leaving only the hydrogen and oxygen that form water molecules by using reverse osmosis.
The mineral free water provides a strong cleaning agent by absorbing the minerals, oils and other elements from dirt, organic soils and other contaminants.
The water filtered with the pole system produces 100% mineral free with a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) reading of ‘0”, the human eye cannot see water spots left by TDS 50!

 Benefits of the Water Fed Pole System

– Eco-friendly using mineral free, chemical free water.

– Risk free, the use of a ladder is not required.

– Soft bristle brush cleans windows leaving water to evaporate naturally spot free.

– Maintains privacy and reduces disturbance.

Many of our clients have switched from the traditional squeegee to this new technology. The pole cleaning is used only during an exterior cleaning, squeegees will still be used on interiors. If you prefer squeegee we are more than happy to provide that service.