Window Cleaning

We provide comprehensive interior and/or exterior window cleaning of regular, partitioned, French-style and Leaded Glass windows. We very are experienced in removing, storing and re-installing all types of storm windows, particularly in period homes.


Siding, Soffit & Window Frames Cleaning

Hand scrubbing all your aluminum, vinyl (PVC) or wood surfaces. We can even apply a protective solution to help them remain in good shape for much longer.

Howe sofit & eaves (2)   Howe sofit & eaves (18) 
“Soffit and frames before & after”

Screen Repair

Whether your screens have a small tear or require a full replacement, JEM Window Cleaning can repair your screens on-the-spot, or will arrange for a custom replacement.


Screen Cleaning

Using a “rinse-free” solution which cleans, seals and protects your nylon screens; better than new!


Eaves Trough Cleaning

We remove all dirt and debris and check for leaks or clogs in your eaves, with Fall being the high season for eave cleaning due to falling leaves. We also do a great deal of work in the spring by cleaning and clearing your eaves of maple keys and other seedlings.


Power Washing

Using compressed water in a fine spray nozzle with detergent makes power washing a very effective method for cleaning all types of surfaces. Excellent choices for power washing are decks, flagstone, awnings, brick and/or aluminum siding, to name just a few.


Gutter Protection

Keep your eaves troughs in outstanding working condition. Ask us about installing gutter protection to your home today. We have a couple different options to choose from depending on roof types and home needs.


Gutter Repair

We take care of minor gutter repairs, clogged downspouts and simple redirection of water flow.  We are more than happy to come by and access the work you need done and will let you know if it is in our scope.